About Us

D-LawLink & Co was founded by professionals to connect lawyers, clients and people. We have the depth and breadth of experience and knowledge to understand each client’s problems. We not only offer all of the practice areas one would expect from a full-service commercial law firm, we also go one step further. Our focus is on the needs and priorities of client.

In serving the best interest of its clients, We provide qualified human resources with the ability to continuously implement current development of law and regulations. Lawyers at D-LawLink & Co are selected from outstanding people and professionals with a deep respect for the law and keen interest in assisting clients, to achieve their goals within the Indonesia legal environment.

D-LawLink & Co continue to grow and meet the needs of its clients, it will continue the tradition and record of innovation, integrity and professionalism. D-LawLink & Co is committed to offer a wide range of legal service and advices of the highest professional standard.